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Matukewicz TV-Lift Systems are the best in the industry.


We construct our own proprietary TV-lift mechanism, build the cabinet from start to finish, custom finish it to any color,  and install all audio/video wires, a remote repeater system and even the TV (if you ship it to us). 

We also offer a full service package that includes your choice of any TV, speakers/sound bars, subwoofers, receivers, components etc. MFC will purchase them for you and provide complimentary installation so that your cabinet arrives as a fully loaded, connected and wired system. All components will be housed within the cabinet. Depending on the cabinet design they can either rise with the television or not. This full service package takes the worry, time and hassle off of you. No need to spend hours with set-up, install, and AV personnel….let us do it for you!

MFC lift systems are operated and controlled by a Xantech CC12remote relay and a Xantech DLK85 repeater system ( They function by universal remote as well as an on-board activation switch. The system includes 2 factory installed HDMI wires, optical audio wire, an Ethernet wire, and a speaker wire. A power surge protector is included. If you have a home automation system please check with your home automation technician to ensure that the CC12 relay will work with your system. To our knowledge all systems are compatible but client is responsible for confirming this.


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To speak with someone about our TV-Lift systems, or to get a quote, you can reach us by phone, e-mail, or in person at:


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