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Transitional Tv Lift Bed Anthia $10,950

This Queen-size bed finished in a timeless shade of soft black, features an automated Matukewicz Swivel TV-lift at the footboard, and accent lighting with dimming options at the headboard. The TV quietly lifts and lowers at the touch of a button and can be turned to any direction in the room, allowing for viewing angles from the bed, the sitting area, and the bathing area as well. The lighting system at the headboard, which also functions at the touch of a button, allows for soft mood lighting and a brilliant way to highlight wall photos or pieces of art. Already offering much more than the average bed, this product design also features hidden storage compartments throughout, allowing for unsuspecting safe areas for your valuables.

 Beds with TV-lift footboards can be made to your unique bed style, size and TV specifications.

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