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November 2010

Big Screen JSD TV-lift Cabinet

White Ash Burl door panels framed in dark stained maple wood. Holds a 65 inch television.

If your home has a theatre room, video entertainment room, or a large living room, the JSD TV-lift shown above may be the perfect solution. The cabinet holds a 65 inch television with ease, has component storage areas to the left and right of the television, and has blanket storage behind the television. A design like this allows you to have the largest TV you could ever want and still put it out of sight at the touch of a button.

Bright idea… when the TV is not in use, automatically lower it into the JSD TV cabinet to keep it safe from burglars, energetic children, and accidents.

JSD TV-lifts are made to order. You choose the size, shape, wood, hardware, etc.. and we do the rest. So if you’re interested in a one-of-a-kind, JSD original, please call me today at 918-289-4950. To be removed from our mailings just let me know:

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