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February 2010

At JSD furniture, we specialize in products that combine excellent craftsmanship and beauty with convenient functionality.  

The JSD original shown above is a southwest style entertainment-display center made of Alder hardwood and finished with a chestnut glaze. We incorporated the revolutionary JSD TV-Lift which allows for a multifunctional living space, starting as a beautiful display case, and with the touch of a button, transforming into a functional entertainment center. Internal accent lighting was used throughout the cabinets and beams, with mica and glass used to soften the light and add character. Internal slide-outs are used in the center to organize and access media, while audio components and a sub woofer are stowed behind the arched lower doors. The unit stands at 10 feet wide and 8 feet high. What a warm, elegant and beautiful look! 
So come see us and I promise that you’ll see an approach and attitude towards quality, beauty and functionality not seen in today’s market.

This is our February newsletter highlighting our current projects and new products. Please share my newsletters with others that may have a desire for one of a kind custom furniture design.

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