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Custom White Board Cabinets

MFC brings style to the boardroom with our custom designed, wall mounted, white board cabinets. These cabinets are made of real wood, bringing a high level of sophistication and durability to any professional meeting space. MFC offers customers limitless options for wood type and finish color, and we can closely match existing conference tables or other office furniture. The cabinets can be made any size and any design; and can feature all sorts of extra options such as:

The cabinets can be made to hold white boards, projector screens, display charts, flat screen televisions or computer monitors, etc.

If you can dream it, we can build it. To order your custom conference room wall cabinet, contact MFC today!


Modern Wave TV Lift

TV Lift Cabinet by Matukewicz Furniture – Modern Wave Design

This Modern Wave TV Lift cabinet features a 3-D textured wood design and has a swivel platform so that the TV can be viewed from various angles. Storage compartments for holding components, CD’s, DVD’s, etc. are located on both sides of the cabinet, and open easily by push touch. Dimensions for the model seen above are: H40¾” x D21¼” x W62¼”. When the TV is fully lifted up, the top of the cabinet reaches 75” tall. The cabinet holds a 55″ television alone, or a 46″ television with 2 side speakers and a top or bottom speaker. Specific internal TV box measurements are: H53¼” x W32¾”.

In the pictures above…The painting inside the cabinet is just to serve as a representation of where the TV would go.

Contact Matukewicz Furniture at 918-289-4950

Matukewicz Furniture incorporates lifts into many furniture types:

TV Lift Cabinet, TV Lift Bed, TV Lift Entertainment Center, Conference Table with Computer Monitor/Projector Lift, Desks with Computer Monitor Lift, etc…


Custom Conference Tables

15′ Hickory Boardroom/Conference Table

The conference room is one of the most important rooms in an organization, where crucial decisions and creative ideas take place; and the first thing you probably see is the table. Do you want it to leave a lasting impression?

Show your colleagues and guests that you mean business as you sit down to a custom design by Matukewicz Furniture Company. At MFC, we can build conference tables to fit any size room and accommodate any number of chairs. We can create design options for you, or we can build your own custom design. We can use just about any type of wood species, finish, color and hardware, and we can add data ports, pop-up boxes, lighting,  automated rising stations, and more…

The table shown above is made of hickory wood and features a stained black inlay. The base features a strong and sturdy trestle design accentuated and reinforced with 1” steel rods. This15’ x 6’ bowed shape design seats 14.

To order a custom boardroom/conference table, contact MFC at 918-289-4950.


Custom Kitchens

Not all kitchens are created equal. The home kitchen is often a social gathering point for family and guests. It’s utilized daily and should be designed exactly the way you want it.

At MFC we know this, and we work with you to discover the look, feel, functionality, and unique extras that are limited only to your imagination. With no pre-set sizes, styles, wood grains, or colors we can build your kitchen cabinets exactly how you want them. We can get creative with storage solutions, automation capabilities, lighting, and more.

So give us a call at 918-289-4950 or swing by our show room at 4434 S. 74th. E. Ave. in Tulsa, Oklahoma.




Big Screen TV-Lift Cabinet


 White Ash Burl door panels framed in dark stained maple wood. Holds a 65 inch television.

If your home has a theatre room, video entertainment room, or a large living room, the Matukewicz TV-lift shown above may be the perfect solution. The cabinet holds a 65 inch television with ease, has component storage areas to the left and right of the television, and has blanket storage behind the television. A design like this allows you to have the largest TV you could ever want and still put it out of sight at the touch of a button.


Bright idea… when the TV is not in use, automatically lower it into the JSD TV cabinet to keep it safe from burglars, energetic children, and accidents.

Matukewicz TV-lifts are made to order. You choose the size, shape, wood, hardware, etc.. and we do the rest. So if you’re interested in a one-of-a-kind, MFC original, please call today at 918-289-4950. To be removed from our mailings just let us know.



Platform Bed with TV-Lift in the Footboard

 Zebra-wood Platform Bed with Swivel TV-lift

Platform beds offer contemporary elegance in their simple, minimalistic, straight line design. But the Matukewicz Furniture original shown above is actually far from simple or minimal. The eye catching intricacies and details of the exotic Zebra-wood frame will tantalize your visual senses with beautiful variations of pattern throughout. There’s a hidden MFC TV-lift in the foot board that quietly rises and descends with the touch of a button and can be turned a full 350 degrees to accommodate viewing from any area of the room. Having a TV-lift in the foot board offers more space in the bedroom, secure storage of the TV when not in use, and a nice solution to hiding those unsightly media wires.

Extra features for this bed include:

A bed is something you use every day. Why not enjoy it?

Bed Dimensions:

King size bed – 80″ wide 100″ long; headboard is 8″ thick and 48″ tall ; foot board is 8″ thick and 32″ tall with the capacity for a 32″ screen. (Increased capacity available with a height increase)

Queen size bed – 70″ wide 94″ long;  headboard is 8″ thick and 48″ tall; foot board is 8″ thick and 32″ tall with the capacity for a 32″ screen. (Increased capacity available with a height increase)

If you’re interested in a one-of-a-kind, MFC original, please call today 918-289-4950.


Custom-fit Corner TV-Lift

Ever try to find a piece of furniture that fits just right within the unique floor-plan of a certain room? Why bother with the hassle! Save yourself some time by letting Matukewicz Furniture Company know what you need. Soon your vision will come to life in a one-of-a-kind custom furniture design.

The MFC original shown above is a custom-fit corner TV-lift entertainment center made out of maple wood and finished in a shade of rustic black. This particular model features a pre-set angled TV-lift allowing for the customer’s optimal viewing experience, and cabinet and drawer space for hidden media storage and wires. With the touch of a button, the TV lowers and rises quietly and effortlessly.

So if you value an approach and attitude towards quality, beauty and functionality not often seen in today’s market, come see us! And please share my newsletters with others that desire one of a kind custom furniture design.


TV-Lift in the Footboard


Ever feel like watching a great movie from the comfort of your own bed? Well now you can!

Cozy up in this MFC original, rich mahogany wood bed and discover a hidden jewel at the footboard. With the touch of a button watch your TV rise up effortlessly with the MFC TV-lift, and transform your bedroom into a relaxing entertainment retreat. Not only will you be delighted with a great viewing experience, you’ll have more space in the bedroom, hidden media wires, and safe, secure TV storage. Perhaps there is space somewhere in the bedroom for a couch, or maybe the master bathtub has a view to the bed… simply swivel your TV to face whatever direction you desire. Beds with TV-lift footboards can be made to your unique bed styles, sizes and TV specifications.

Entertainment Center with TV-Lift

At Matukewicz Furniture, we specialize in products that combine excellent craftsmanship and beauty with convenient functionality.

The MFC original shown above is a southwest style entertainment-display center made of Alder hardwood and finished with a chestnut glaze. We incorporated the revolutionary MFC TV-Lift which allows for a multifunctional living space, starting as a beautiful display case, and with the touch of a button, transforming into a functional entertainment center. Internal accent lighting was used throughout the cabinets and beams, with mica and glass used to soften the light and add character. Internal slide-outs are used in the center to organize and access media, while audio components and a sub woofer are stowed behind the arched lower doors. The unit stands at 10 feet wide and 8 feet high. What a warm, elegant and beautiful look!

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