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TV Lift Cabinets

Customization Specialists

Complimentary factory installation of your TV and audio video wires is provided. Call 918-289-4950 or email today!

* Largest selection (90+ standard options plus unlimited custom designs)
* Full Service (design, build, install, deliver) and longest warranty (7 years)
* Strongest load capacity (lifts any size television)
* Standard lift speed is 2.5″ per second. Faster and slower speeds are available.
* Whisper quiet motor  
* Options for tv to swivel or pull out with an articulating arm
* Options for functioning doors, drawers, or lids for storage access
* Wire management arm included (keeps wires from tangling)
* Includes a Universal remote, plus a built in push start on the cabinet
* Wood enclosure around top, back and sides of TV (increases esthetics and amplifies TV volume)

We work directly with clients (or designers) to create the perfect cabinet design (or a standard model can be chosen from our website). We construct our own proprietary TV-lift mechanism, build the cabinet, custom finish it to any color, install all audio/video wires, a remote repeater system and even the TV (if you’d like), and then ship the finished product directly to you. Basic models start at $3,995. To learn more check out our blog.

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