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Matukewicz TV-Lifts are the best in the industry. Their made in the USA, come with a 7 year warranty, and start at only $4,995. The price includes the furniture, the automated lift mechanism (which we install), and most often, shipping. The TV-Lift parts are CNC machined, hand assembled, and built into our furniture pieces such as stand alone consoles, entertainment centers, beds, desks, or whatever you can think of.

We can also design our TV-Lifts to automatically descend from an object (such as the ceiling) or automatically extend out sideways from an object.

Matukewicz TV-lifts are quiet, strong, and fast.  Compare us to our competitors and you’ll see that we out perform them all.  The  lifts can easily carry 300lbs or more, offer multiple speed options (such as a fast rise and a slow descend), and utilize a soft start and stop to protect the television. If a heaver lifting load is required this can easily be achieved by slowing down the lifting speed.

Unlike our competitors, we build an enclosure around the TV to protect and enhance appearence while the TV is up. Matukewicz TV-Lifts can be built with a swivel option or an articulating arm. Both options allow the TV to turn to any angle in the room. When the TV is not in use, a simple touch of a button will lower the TV back into the console, keeping it safer from accidents and thefts. Our custom built consoles can also store your entertainment components such as stereos, speakers, CD and DVD players, cable and satellite receivers, sub woofer, etc. Another nice feature that is not offered by our competitors is that our lifts can be built to raise your left, right and center speakers along with the TV, so that you will have the best set up for ideal sound quality.

Matukewicz TV lifts can handle multiple TVs and components with a single lift.

Our lifts are pre-wired, have a proprietary wire management arm, and can hold and control more communication  wires than any other TV lift. The lift is operated by both remote control, and a built in switch on the console. And if you prefer, we can arrange it so that you can control the lift by keypad or finger print.

Since our products are custom made, we have the ability to incorporate all kinds of extra features such as unique hardware, lighting, hidden storage, etc. For more information, or to get a quote, you can reach us by phone, e-mail, or in person at:


4434 S. 74th E. Ave, Tulsa, OK 74145

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