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We provide automated furniture options for style and convenience. Matukewicz Furniture builds their own motorized transmissions allowing furniture to move automatically. Our machines are incredibly strong and reliable, ensuring the highest quality. Wireless controls are used to set your furniture in motion. With the simple touch of a button, you can open and close doors, lift & reveal televisions, and even rotate them to their optimal viewing location. Our unique design also allows equipment to be neatly stored away when not in use. The designs of all automation products are based on sound principles of heavy duty repetitive motion. Automation options can be integrated into practically any design, offering a wide range of furniture in motion options such as:
● TV-lifts of any size, design and load capacity
● pocket doors, sliding doors, flip up doors and roll top doors
● extend and swivel platforms
● lowering cable platforms and light systems
● air filtration, dehumidification and circulation systems
● linear moving bookcases to expose access to hidden rooms
Your options are limited only to your imagination.

MFC Lift Systems can be operated by an on board activations switch, universal remote control, smart phone, tablet, and/or home automation system. The system includes 2 factory installed HDMI wires, an optical audio wire, an Ethernet wire, and a speaker wire. A power surge protector is included.

Click on an image below to watch a video of one of our products in motion.

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